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Advertise to over 200 million peopleWe’re your best alternative to make the Web 2.0 profitable in the long term.

Our mission

We are a global technology company. Our main focus is reaching target audiences and generating bottom line results. Our expertise is based on optimizing Ad-campaigns in multiple marketplaces within the Web 2.0 ecosystem.


These are some of the products we develop: several reasons why we are different and why we are proud of it.


We can segment our network’s 60,000 sites in 13 theme channels, classified by language and gender:

A channel for each audience need!

  • Finance
  • Business
  • Economy
  • Politics
  • Entertainment
  • Social networks
  • Travel & leisure
  • Online games
  • Health
  • Cars
  • Sports
  • Men
  • Women
  • Technology
  • Children
  • E-Commerce

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Blog Targeting:

Users can have a presence in sites with user-generated content to be in contact with content generators and opinion leaders, early adopters of services and products, and advanced Internet users.

Real Time Targeting:

Ads are shown to the users that effectively visited the clusters related to the interest segments we focus on, according to browsing patterns.


Users that visited a site can be identified to evaluate their browsing behavior and optimize ads based on results.

Conversion pixel:

Users actions in the advertiser’s site can be counted, so that you can have a control of the number of signups, leads, forms, sales, etc., generated by the advertising plan and, as a result, optimizing ads based on the results, adding value to a single action’s cost.

Time Pixel:

User-stay time can be analyzed according to the sites they came from. As a result, we can optimize traffic sources, generating a quality audience and reducing bounce rates.

Video Ad:

It’s the ideal way to reach the “Y Generation”, the audience that is migrating from the TV. We embedded the YouTube player in a 300×250 banner for inventory turnover purposes and, as a result, have multiple video outlets. Now you can see your TV spot on the Internet!

Above the Fold:

This is a tool that allows advertisers to optimize their plans, placing their ads in premium locations within the site, “Above the Fold” or “Above the Scroll”.

Press release:

Our Dashboard –a self-service platform for advertisers and publishers to create and monitor their campaigns– allows for posting the last news of your products to make your brand viral.

Brand Safe:

We verify that, in each printing, ads are posted in the sites approved by (xvx)media and that there is no inappropriate content… in real time, before the ad is posted.

Anti-fraud processes:

Our processes run on a daily basis to ensure that the traffic purchased by our customers is authentic.

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