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Behavioral Targeting

(xvx)media aggregates intent behaviors from across its network and partners to deliver you the most relevant shoppers – with scale. We and our partners do all this without including Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in our data and targeting technology, so rest assured that the individual’s right to privacy is completely protected.

Our Behavioral Targeting technology begins with truly understanding people’s interest and their actions online. We then classify their behaviors into our proprietary taxonomy and leverage our partners’ taxonomies as well. As user interest and behavior changes over time, we update our data continually to delivery the most relevant offer on time.

We offer several hundreds behavioral segments. We can even find behaviors that your target audience exhibits that you did not even know about!

Looking for:

  • International travelers to the UK?
  • In-market minivan shoppers?
  • Audiophiles interested in iPods?

Contact (xvx)media for more information on our Behavioral Targeting solution. Contact us now!