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Demographic Targeting

Use the most time-tested method of delivering advertising to your target audience by defining its demographic. Only this time, do it with efficiency, precision, and scale.

(xvx)media identifies* your target demographic audience using a combination of multiple data sources.

By combining vendor, partner, and internal data sources, (xvx)media is able to deliver the most precise demographic audience tailored to your campaign.

Your target demographic audience can be made up of several targeting elements as a combined or stand-alone option:

  • By gender
  • By age range
  • By household income range
  • By household size and type
  • By ethnicity
  • By geographic region

(xvx)media’s Multiple Data Sources:

  • Proprietary Ad Server Collected User Data

    (xvx)media collects non-personally-identifiable information (PII) throughout its audience network via its proprietary ad serving technology. Combining this data with other (xvx)media-proprietary information, allows our ad server to accurately target a particular demographic target audience.

  • Third-party Registration Data

    (xvx)media has partnered with multiple premium Web publishers who collect registration data* on their users. By sharing this non-PII demographic data with (xvx)media, targeting performance of (xvx)media’s ad server is dramatically improved.

  • comScore Demographic Overlay Data

    Lastly, (xvx)media subscribes to comScore to ensure its demographic target audience closely overlaps with comScore’s independently collected Demographic Profile report data.

* (xvx)media does not collect any personally-identifiable information (PII).

Contact (xvx)media for more information on our Demographic Targeting solution. Contact us now!