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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”), governs the use of the web site, offered or made available by (xvx)media.

The use of any of the Services, attributes the condition of “Client of (xvx)media” (“Client”) and express the fully acceptance without any objection, by the Client, of each and all of the sections of the Privacy Policy in the version posted by (xvx)media at the moment when the Client uses the Services. As a consequence, the Privacy Policy shall constitute a legal binding agreement between the Client and (xvx)media regarding Privacy in the use of the Services. So the Client shall ready carefully the Privacy Policy before using the Services. Also, the use of the Services express the fully acceptance without any objection, by the Client, of the Terms and Conditions of the Services (the “Terms and Conditions”) posted by (xvx)media at, which are complementary with the Privacy Policy.

(xvx)media has been awarded TRUSTe’s Privacy Seal signifying that this privacy policy and practices have been reviewed by TRUSTe for compliance with TRUSTe’s program requirements including transparency, accountability and choice regarding the collection and use of your personal information. The TRUSTe program does not cover information that may be collected through downloadable software. TRUSTe’s mission, as an independent third party, is to accelerate online trust among consumers and organizations globally through its leading privacy trustmark and innovative trust solutions. If you have questions or complaints regarding our privacy policy or practices, please contact us at If you are not satisfied with our response you can contact TRUSTe here.

In case it’s necessary, (xvx)media shall complement the Privacy Policy with information and/or specific terms and conditions regarding a certain Service.

Privacy of personal data is very important to (xvx)media.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please email to us at


(xvx)media is an advertising network which has the objective of relating with “advertisers”, which are the national or foreign companies interested in advertising their products or services through internet (the “Advertisers”), by themselves or through or another advertising network, and with the “publishers”, which are the owners of web sites interested in issuing or publishing the advertisement of the Advertisers (the “Publishers”), rendering (xvx)media a service of intermediation between Advertisers and Publishers. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, those Advertisers and Publishers which use the Services shall be considered as “Advertiser Clients” and “Publisher Clients” respectively, and together as “Clients”.

As a consequence, through the Services, the Advertiser Clients, by themselves or by another advertising network, could request to advertise their products or services in web sites from the Publisher Clients, making an offer for such advertising. Once made the offer by the Advertiser Client, the one with the best offer shall have the possibility to publish its advertisements by the Publisher Clients who have chosen them.

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the advertisements published by the Advertiser Clients in the web sites from the Publisher Clients, shall be designated as “Advertisements”.

(xvx)media provides data analysis and audience segmentation services based on information provided by the Clients regarding the interactions from their users (the “Users”), including those on the Client’s web site or online advertisements.

(xvx)media creates usage/behavior/interest-based categories called “segments”. These segments are unique groups of Users that are created using “client side” technology, that enables the Client to selectively serve targeted advertisements based on these segments.

(xvx)media also provides targeting advertising services using non-personal information that is gathered across multiple, unaffiliated web sites that use our network. Much like our data analytic services provided for specific web sites, (xvx)media creates network segments that are used to serve targeted advertisements in (xvx)media’s network.


Generally the Clients collect information about the Users interactions using cookies, tags, and other methods (such as the information provided by the Users while registering in the web sites from Clients).

A cookie is a small text file that could identify a certain internet browser, and that is usually installed, sent or written in the computer of the internet users, when the user navigates for such web sites. A cookie will typically contain the name of the domain from where the cookie was transferred, the date of creation, and an identification code. The only personal information that a cookie could contain is the information that the user provides by internet navigation, such as internet protocol addresses, pages viewed and the order of those pages, the amount of time spent on particular pages, the date and time, etc. (“Activity Information”). A cookie cannot read information from the User’s hard disk nor read the cookie files created by other web sites.

A tag is a small graphic image on a web page that is designed to allow the site owner or a third party to monitor who is visiting a site by collecting the IP address of the computer that the tag is sent to, the URL of the page the tag comes from, and the time it was viewed. Tags also may be associated with cookie information.

Clients use to collect information from Users to improve the quality of their services, due their storage of the preferences from the Users, and that they supervise the interactions tendencies, such as, the type of researches they made.

Our Web site includes Widgets, which are interactive mini-programs that run on our site to provide specific services from another company (e.g. displaying the news, opinions, music, etc). Personal information, such as your email address, may be collected through the Widget. Cookies may also be set by the Widget to enable it to function properly. Information collected by this Widget is governed by the privacy policy of the company that created it.


The Clients may provide information that they collect, including personally identifiable information, to (xvx)media, with the previous consent, express or tacit, from Users.

Also, as part of the Services, (xvx)media may collect data from Users on behalf of a Client using cookies (when User visits the Client’s web site or view an advertisement placed by (xvx)media) and/ or tags. Information that (xvx)media collects and compiles might include navigation behavior, IP addresses, logs, and other types of data. That situation shall be informed by the Clients to their Users, as well as the Users consent shall be obtained, whether express or tacit. However, (xvx)media shall not collect any personally identifiable information directly from any User, whether using cookies or tags.

(xvx)media shall use data provided by the Client, as well as data that (xvx)media collects on behalf of the Client, only to create segments and reports for the Client. Additionally, data provided by a Client, as well as data that (xvx)media collects on behalf of such Client, shall be made available by (xvx)media to that Client, and to those third parties with whom (xvx)media may hire to provide the Services, such as QuantCast, RightMedia, y OpenX. Notwithstanding the foregoing, (xvx)media shall control the access to such information by those third parties. (xvx)media shall not be obliged to withhold the information for no certain term, and shall dispose the elimination of the same when considered as convenient.

(xvx)media may provide analytic or segmentation Services to Clients that are network advertisers or service providers, which may use the Services whereby collected data is used to predict User characteristics, behavior, or preferences typically for use in the serve of advertisings. Such Clients are responsible for notifying users of these collection practices and making opt-out procedures available (if any).

A Client may correlate or merge information provided by (xvx)media due to the Services, with personal information already collected or accessible by that Client. Also, on behalf of a Client, (xvx)media may correlate or merge personal information provided by the Client with non-personal information that (xvx)media collects for that Client. The Clients are responsible for notifying Users whether they correlate or merge personal information to non-personal information that they collect or that (xvx)media or any other third party collects on their behalf.

(xvx)media shall develop processing of information and personal and non-personal data, according to the Privacy Policy and the additional notices included for certain Services. Also, (xvx)media firmly recommends, supports and encourages the Clients, to adopt privacy policies that fully inform the Users about the used information collection practices and use of the (xvx)media Services. The User should familiarize itself with the privacy practices of any web site the User visits to understand what information the site collects, how the information is used, what choices the User has, how to access the information, and how it is safeguarded.


Clients are businesses, not individuals, and as a consequence (xvx)media’s corporate web site (“(xvx)media’s Web Site”) collects contact information from Clients and prospective Clients who request information or Services from (xvx)media. To the extent that any personally identifiable contact information is collected (Names, Last name, e-mail, site information, tec) through (xvx)media’s Web Site, (xvx)media uses this contact information to respond to such requests for information or to provide access to certain Services. (xvx)media shall not sell, rent, or trade any of such personally identifiable information to any third party for promotional purposes or otherwise except as expressly described herein. Anyone who has provided personal, contact information through the (xvx)media’s Web Site may e-mail (xvx)media at to update, delete, and/or correct their personal contact information. (xvx)media will respond to such a request within thirty (30) days of the date the request is submitted.

(xvx)media’s Web Site uses cookies to track user’s traffic patterns. If a user of (xvx)media’s Web Site prefers not to receive cookies, such user can set its browser to be warned before accepting cookies and refuse the cookie the user doesn’t want. (xvx)media’s Web Site may also use analytic tools for cookies, log files, and tags analysis.

(xvx)media’s Web Site might contain links to other web sites that are not owned or controlled by (xvx)media. As a consequence, (xvx)media shall not be responsible for the acts of those web sites, to which this Privacy Policy shall not be applicable. (xvx)media recommends the user to examine the privacy statements posted on those other web sites to understand their procedures for collecting, using, and disclosing personally identifiable information.

The terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy shall be also applied to the users of (xvx)media’s Web Site, whether there are Clients or not.


If you wish to subscribe to our newsletter(s), we will use your name and email address to send the newsletter to you. Out of respect for your privacy, we provide you a way to unsubscribe. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter and promotional communications, you may opt-out of receiving them by following the instructions included in each newsletter or communication or by emailing us at


If you use a bulletin board, chat room, blog or forum on this Web site, you should be aware that any personally identifiable information you submit there can be read, collected, or used by other users of these forums, and could be used to send you unsolicited messages. We are not responsible for the personally identifiable information you choose to submit.


We do not collect, use or disclose personally identifiable information about children we know to be under 18


The data provided to (xvx)media by the Clients, as well as data that (xvx)media collects directly on behalf of the Clients, may be transferred between different advservers, which might be located in different countries, with different regulations regarding data protection. The use of the Services shall be considered as an authorization from Client for the international transfer of the data provided to (xvx)media by the Clients, as well as data that (xvx)media collects directly on behalf of the Clients.

If you provide us personal information about others, or if others give us your information, we will only use that information for the specific reason for which it was provided to us.


(xvx)media has adopted reasonable security measures to protect the information from the Clients, and prevent the non authorized access to their data, or any non-authorized change, disclose or destruction of the same. The information collected by (xvx)media shall be kept strictly confidential. The access to personal data is restricted to those employees, contractors and agents of (xvx)media which need to be disclosed of such data to perform their functions, and develop or improve the Services. (xvx)media hold its suppliers to the same standards whenever they provide services related to the Client’s information. (xvx)media do not permit access to the information to third parties except as directed by the Client.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, considering the internet is an open system, of public access, (xvx)media does not guarantee that non-authorized third parties may not eventually overcome the security measures and use the information from Clients in an improper way, in which case (xvx)media shall not be responsible.


(xvx)media reserves the right to transfer the information provided to (xvx)media by the Clients, as well as data collected directly by (xvx)media on behalf of the Clients, in the event of a merge or acquisition of ownership of (xvx)media, or the acquisition of substantially all the assets of (xvx)media related to the business which collected such information, or any other kind of transfer of ownership of (xvx)media to another entity. In such an event, (xvx)media shall adopt reasonable measure for the purpose of assuring that such information be used in a way consistent with the Privacy Policy.


Most of the browsers are configured to accepts cookies, but User may reconfigure their internet browsers to reject all cookies or for the system to indicate when a cookie is sent. However, if cookies are disabled, is possible that some to the features or services of the web sites doesn’t work in a proper way.

(xvx)media will try by all its possible means to facilitate to the Users from whom (xvx)media has collected or stored personal information, the access to their personal data (“Rights to Access”), as well as the review, correction, or updated of the same (“Right to Update”), or even the cancellation of those personal data (“Right of Removal”), unless (xvx)media could deny such requests, in case its obliged or has right to keep such personal data, under the applicable legislation.

For that purposes, the User shall send its request by an email with the subject “Access to Personal Data” to (xvx)media may request such User to identify itself, which might be verified by (xvx)media, as well as to specify the personal data to which the User wants to access, updated or remove.

(xvx)media may reject the processing of those requests which are unreasonably repetitive or systematic, or which demand a disproportionate technical effort, or which may put in danger the privacy of the other Users, or which are considered impractical, or for which it’s not necessary to access to the data.

The services of access, update, and removal of personal data shall be rendered by (xvx)media free of charge, except in case it requires a disproportionate or unreasonable effort, in which chase and administrative fee could be charged.


Notwithstanding any other provision on the contrary in this Privacy Policy, (xvx)media shall be able to disclose certain personal information from Users and Clients, when (xvx)media  believes in good faith that such disclose would be reasonably necessary to:

  • Avoid legal responsibility;
  • Comply with a legal request, such as a search warrant, a court notice, or a court order;
  • Comply with a requirement from a government or regulatory authority;
  • Protect the rights, property or security of (xvx)media, the Clients, the Users, or any third party.


(xvx)media may use and uses third party services from which (xvx)media is not responsible for the information they collect or the way how they protect personal information. For that purpose, each one of those services has their own privacy policies and in some cases provides an opt-out method, such as:


(xvx)media shall modify this Privacy Policy any time it considers that as appropriate. In case those changes are material or substantial regarding treatment of personal data collected by virtue of the Services, the same shall be also notified by posting a highlight notice in (xvx)media’s Web Site home page. In case a Client wants to be notified by email of such changes, it shall send an email with the subject “List of Privacy Policy Changes”, to, from the email address where the Client wants to receive such notices.


In case the Client or User has any doubt regarding this Privacy Policy, or its application, it shall contact (xvx)media, at any moment, by sending an email to or

(c) Copyright 2010 (xvxmedia). All Rights Reserved.