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Get additional income with your websiteWe are the best alternative to make the Web 2.0 profitable in the long term.

(xvx)media is the best alternative to make the Web 2.0 profitable in the long term. We invite you to maximize your income: use our platform and get extraordinary income. Our advertisers network offers unique opportunities.

Compatible with ad networks like Text Link Ads or Google Adsense™

(xvx)media focuses on display ads and banners, so it goes great with other text and content link options, such as Google Adsense™ or Text Link Ads.

We’re not only compatible with other networks, but we also recommend you to consider us as an alternative to the tags you’re currently using in your site. In this way, you will increase your income by just adding a tag (Current income + (xvx)media income).

Payment methods

Today, you can choose between three payment methods: an ATM card, check sent to your address or transfer to your PayPal account.

Revenue share

Today, the market percentage is 60%. We take that percentage as the basis and improve it as we get to know more about your site and your visitors.

Technical Support

At (xvx)media, we want all your questions answered. Always. Therefore, an account executive is assigned to each publisher. You can find who is your account executive by going to “My Account Executive”.

In this way, if you have any doubts, questions or suggestions, you can write to, chat with or call your account executive.

The Dashboard

We developed a self-service platform where advertisers and publishers can create and monitor their campaigns. This tool allows for planning and following up on campaigns and payments, as well as real-time support and monitoring.

You can also block ads by their URLs, and we have a special program for Premium Publishers, who receive the best campaigns.
We serve ads. Always

At (xvx)media each impression counts. Thanks to our agreements with other companies, we will always have ads to show in your site, so you will not lose impressions.

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